Monday, August 31, 2009

Vacation in St. Louis

Gosh, already the end of August. I thought that, instead of writing all I did while in St. Louis on my vacation, I'd post a pictorial story (with captions, of course) of my week. I must say, though, I don't EVER remember experiencing such beautiful weather in August than I did this week. It really was wonderful! So..........on with the story!

Daniel and I arrived Thursday afternoon just in time for our wonderful hosts, Neil and Barb Finbloom, to swoop us off to a delightful wine tasting at Vineyard Wines in downtown Kirkwood. If anyone is ever in the area, this is really quite a nice little wine store with a wonderful variety of labels. Of course, I was able to find some favorites as well as some new wines that were very good and reasonably priced. I liked this store so much, we found ourselves having made two more trips throughout the week.

Friday, while Daniel met with the bride and groom (he did an AWESOME job on the music for the wedding) Barb and I had a great workout at The J - a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. That afternoon (through the evening) Daniel and I met with long time friends of mine for a delicious dinner and visiting til late in the night. Don & Jane, Neil and Karen, and Mike....thank you SOOOOOOOO much for taking time out of your busy schedules to get together. It's always so great to connect with you when in town........Neil B: I know you will read this and it's OK that you won't email me.............I'll still love ya anyway (tehehehe)!

Saturday morning I was privileged to witness the Sacrament of Marriage of my niece Anny and her wonderful (now) husband Brian Bierman. Anny is the second daughter of my brother and sister-in-law, Charles and Margaret Lucier - guys thanks so much for the great party!!! It was lovely, relaxing and FUN!!! Congrats Anny and Brian!

That evening, as part of, or should I say, a continuation of the wedding reception, we donned our red and headed downtown to the new home of the Big Red - Cardinals baseball - to cheer on the Cards to ANOTHER victory over the San Diego! It was a beautiful night, great scenery (seats), and just plain FUN!
As you can see by Anny and Brian's wedding cake, they are major soccer players, fans, etc. This cake truly sums up their personalities..........LOVED IT!

Sunday morning found us back at Charles and Margaret's home for a super brunch and a chance to really visit with my side of the family. Above are my two nephews (brothers of the bride) that were both able to make it home for their sister's wedding. Love the uniforms. On the left is Peter, just started his 5 year hitch last October and is stationed in Norfolk, VA. Robert (Bob), on the right was on his 30 day leave from Okinawa and is scheduled to be discharged this November. You guys rock - we're so proud of you!

Monday evening 12 of my high school classmates gathered at the home of Barb (and Neil) Finbloom's for a mini-reunion (36 years). WE HAD A BLAST!!! Thank you - all of you - for taking time out to gather - I'm holding you to your promise of you locals getting together on a more regular basis and staying in touch. Hey, for those who haven't yet done it...........sign up on Facebook......a great networking tool.........emails work too!!! One thing I must say.........we all look FANTABULOUS!!!

Thank you Mary (Friedhoff) Luebbert for thinking of me on my birthday - the cake was delicious and I LOVE BALLOONS!!

Tuesday was a special day for 3 VERY close friends. Mary O. (right), Barb F. (middle), and I got to spend the entire day together just doing "girl" things. I have known Mary since I was 5 years old and Barb since my freshman year in high school. These are two of my dearest friends in the entire world. Thank you so much for spending the day with me. Oh, and thanks Neil for going to lunch with us. We finished our day with a wonderful dinner and a great bottle of wine (well 2 after one got spilled - won't go into details). It is such a blessing in my life to have the privelege to say these two women have been my friends for that long.........not something many people get to say/have!

Wednesday, before leaving for the airport for my return to Mesa, I had the time to visit the old neighborhood. Above, The Wall - nuf said.............many memories, great and small! Thanks Mamo Renard for still having your front door open to all of us that just drop by to visit. You are an amazing women and am so thankful for you!!! LOVE YA BUNCHES!

I took this opportunity to go on a mini photo shoot of the neighborhood I grew up in....Parkview! Here is one of the entrances - the one to my street - McPherson. Hey Mary, remember hunkering down behind this pillar in the winter, waiting for the bus to St. Joe's in Clayton, just to get out of the freezing cold wind???

This is the street light on the opposite side of the above pillar with the name of my street on it. This subdivision began just after the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.....ya know "Meet Me in St. Louis" movie - Judy Garland - yup - my old stomping grounds!!!

This street lamp is located at the other end of my block.

The front porch of my house - the house I grew up in. Incredible stories and memories - just ask any one of my remaining 9 siblings........I'm sure the same story as just as many versions - it's what makes life so interesting!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh.....the stories these walls could tell. Not just of my family, but of all the families that have lived in this house since it was built in 1905! It's every bit as beautiful as I remember it as a child growing up........I must admit, though, I'm every bit as happy NOT to have to clean that thing!!! (tehehe)

Another view/angle............another wonderful trip!

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