Monday, August 3, 2009

It's already August!

Gosh, I hadn't realized just how quickly this summer has flown's already August! Lindsay's school (Queen Creek High School) is already back in full swing and several more school districts are gearing up for the return of their students. Where did the summer go? Ric and I have been quite busy (not too hectic though). We're half way through with a wonderful 10-week Bible study and enjoying it immensly. Ric goes to Alpine for a few days while I'm in St. Louis for niece Anny Lucier's wedding on the 15th. Daniel is doing the music so we are going together, although I am staying in town a few extra days to visit. We are looking forward to the gathering of family for such a special event which I am guaranteed there is some fun thrown in there.

Thomas and Lindsay are busy as usual with work and Gabrielle. We've been very fortunate to have had her on several occasions. She is growing like a weed and still as entertaining as ever. The picture below was a total setup just so that I could get a shot of her with an icecream cone. Can't tell you why just yet - just know that I'm working on a Christmas present for her! Thomas is still enjoying his job with Devry, broadcasting the Mass on TV on the weekends and has been asked back to work on the camera crew for all the home games of the Cardinals. Lindsay, of course, is busy getting back into the swing of school. She has been made the department head and is teaching Marketing and Co-op this year. Everyone in that household is healthy, happy, and flourishing - can't ask for more than that! Daniel has officially flown the coop (again - tehehe) and is now completely moved into his new place (which makes us empty nesters). Wonderfully, it's only about 4 miles from our house and only 2 miles from his office. Of course, he dove right in and got entirely unpacked and "set up" in short order. It looks stunning - he really does have wonderful taste - and is thrilled to see, touch, feel his stuff again. Most of it has been in storage for the last 3 years so he's truly experiencing "Christmas in the summer" and is enjoying reacquainting himself with his "stuff"! And, as always, he's busier than ever at work and still loving it. Rachel is taking a couple of days to visit friends in Flagstaff and one more trip to California to visit the Ondashes and friends before high tailing it to New York next month. YIKES, it's coming so fast. It's crunch time now and she's gearing up for a garage sale, boxing, and general wrapping up before she blows this popsicle stand!!!
Last Friday we were ALL able to gather at one place to celebrate Anna's (Ric's mom) birthday, albeit a couple of weeks late! She turned 77 this year and is still doing pretty well. She's decided to buy herself a computer (first one EVER) and learn to use it just enough to stay in touch with her sisters in El Paso. Thanks to Lindsay, we think we found one that she should be able to use - 23" screen - big enough for her poor eyesight. Anyway, below is a picture of the 4 generations! The moment I took it, I knew I would cherish not only the moment but the picture as well. Boy, can you ever see the family resemblence - certainly a case for the gene pool!
Well, I think that's just about got us caught up..........until next time.............Peace!!!

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  1. Wow, what a great family picture! Those are priceless. And Gabrielle couldn't get any cuter!