Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update to Veterans Day

Did a little digging and found these photos of my 4 nephews. Thanks guys for your service!

Peter and Robert Lucier - USMC

Kevin Lissner - USMC as of January, 2010
Antonio Harris - USMC

Honoring My Family this Veterans Day!

Below are pictures of my family (just the last 3 generations - there are generations before and after) that have served/are serving my country. They have selfishly given themselves so that I can FREELY CHOOSE the way I live, the way I raised my children, that I may choose the job I have, the way I worship and the freedom to speak/write my beliefs. Thank you seems so inadequate......but it is said with much love and deep, deep gratitude! Thank you Ralph, Phil, Charley, David, Robert, Peter, Antonio, and Kevin. I love you all!

(Paternal Grandfather) Ralph F. Lucier - Lt. - Army Infantry - WWI

(Father) Phillip J. Lucier - Lt. - US Navy - WWII

(Mother) Marcella "Charley" Fried Lucier - Pilot - WASP - WWII - recently bestowed the Congresstional Gold Medal

(Mother) Charley in her flight gear

(Brother) David F. Lucier - Army Special Forces (Green Baret) - Mike Force - Vietnam

(Brother)David recently inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame

Not pictured: currently serving: nephew Robert Lucier- USMC; nephew Peter Lucier - USMC; nephew Antonio Harris - USMC; nephew Kevin Lissner to begin serving in January, 2010 - USMC.......thank you for your "yes"!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bumble Bee "G"

Last night we went out to Thomas and Lindsay's to "watch" Gabrielle trick-or-treat for the first time. She dressed up as a bumble bee complete with her flower pail because bees LOVE flowers much more than they do pumpkins! Of course, she was just adorable - the absolutely perfect costume for her. What really made the costume SOOOOOOO special is that Lindsay's mother, Kathy, made this costume for Lindsay in 1982 for Lindsay to wear for her first trick-or-treating adventure! Thanks Kathy......thanks Thomas and Lindsay! Truly makes the memories special! Enjoy the pictures!