Sunday, June 21, 2009

Play day at Nani Jane's/Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, soon to be fathers! Know that you are loved and are soooooooo important to us. May God bless you today and always!

Friday, Gabrielle spent the day at Nani Jane's. Uncle Daniel and Aunt Rachel were here to play as well. Uncle Daniel bought a Winnie the Pooh bubble maker (battery operated, of course) for Gabrielle. As you can she, she had a blast. We all had such fun. Probably the biggest change is that she is truly loving walking and makes sure she really gets all her miles in before bedtime.

Just a small rendition of Gabrielle showing just how bright she is.

Just say, "Ta-da!" and this is what she does!!!

If she has anything that remotely looks likes or can act like a cell phone and you say "hello", this is what she does!!! A little scary, huh?

Where's your belly???

All in all, this was a fantastic week. We actually were blessed to have ALL the kids in the house at the same time - twice!!!! My heart was so full of joy! Honestly, I think that is my MOST favorite thing IN THE WORLD!!! Love to all this Father's Day!

As you can see, Gabrielle gave her daddy something to remember on Father's Day. Lindsay and Gabrielle went to Mass with Thomas at the cathedral for Father's Day (Thomas does the live broadcase of the Mass in our diocese for the shut ins) and while he was setting up, Lindsay had Gabrielle outside. You can imagine the combination of a baby just learning to walk and LOVING the new found mode of transportation and an uneven sidewalk........YUP, in true Duran style, Gabrielle managed her first royal face plant (I am sure this will NOT be her last!). What you can not see very well in the picture is the "egg" on her forehead. Fortunately, her only cried for about a minute and she was on her way! You can tell by the last picture, she was NOT going to let a little face plant get in her way of Aunt Rachel giving her a ride in the bin that Nani Jane stores her daycare toys. We just call her Gabrielle-in-the-box!!

Until next time...............peace!