Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was a blast. I got a lot of fun projects done - finished making a dress WITH A MATCHING HAT (stinking cute) for Gabrielle, got started on another quilt, and started creating my Christmas cards (don't hate me - I do this every year)! We got to see Gabrielle quite a bit this weekend (even got to spend the night on Sunday night while Mom and Dad had grown up time and date night), which is always a treat. But, I think the most fun was having all the kids and a few of their friends, as well as the other grandparents, over for an impromptu bbq. I suppose the pinnacle of the day was seeing Gabrielle REALLY walking for the first time. What a blessing it was to have all the family their to see it. And now you can too! These are the moments that technology is SOOOOOO wonderful. As usual, I had my camera near by and was able to video the event. Enjoy!

On the rest of the family front, the latest news is that Daniel will be moving August 1st into a beautiful little house. He will be renting and has a great roommate. We're all so happy and excited for him. He's very excited to see his "stuff" after 2+ years in storage. His new place is in Tempe and not very far from here or work. They say location, location, location is everything! He certainly scored in that area. He's also done quite a bit of traveling this year. California, New Orleans, St. Louis and has been really enjoying it. He's started back with teaching private lessons (violin and viola) and enjoys that as well.

The other bit of news is that on September 12 Rachel will be moving to New York. Specifically, working in Times Square and living in Brooklyn. In the usual Rachel style, she's already got a job (with benefits) and an apartment complete with 2 roommates all set and waiting for her arrival. This is one of those love/hate occasions. While, in my heart, I believe she was born to do this and am overflowing with joy and excitement for her, and knowing she will succeed beyond beyond, I (we) will miss her terribly. I've so enjoyed having her in the same city for the last year. It seems we just barely got her nearby (after her being gone for 4 years) and we have to say have a safe trip once again! The upside to this is she has already booked her flight home for Christmas and will be here for a couple of weeks. She's going to sell EVERYTHING (well, just about everything), pack what she can in 3 suitcases and begin her adventure! (Ok, so here's my shameless promotion - she's got quite a bit to sell: car, bedroom set, microwave, really nice desk, 2 couches, a couple of lamps, and probably a bunch of misc stuff - so, if you need/want anything, just let me know. OR, if you know of anyone, again, just let me know! The more she sells, the more $ she has to move with AND the less I have get rid of after she leaves!!!!!

We are all looking forward to Anny's wedding in August and the arrival of the newest grand nephew in September! Congrats to Anny & Brian and Elizabeth and Kevin! I also want to say how excited I am to have another sibling earn their membership card to the grandparent's club. Welcome Chas & Margaret! A little FYI for those who might be interested: Anny & Elizabeth will having their joint/combined bridal/baby shower in St. Louis on Sunday, July 5. It really was the only way/date that both girls to be in St. Louis at the same time. Personally, I think it is a brilliant idea! Anyway, Elizabeth & Kevin are doing the nursery in khakis and greens with monkeys as the theme (how cute is that???) and Anny and Brian are registered at Target and William Sonoma and her colors are platinum and all shades of pink (gorgeous)!!

Daniel and I are for sure flying to St. Louis for the wedding (Daniel is doing the music - so proud of him). Rachel is not sure yet but with her pending move, it's still a little iffy. Anyone else going???

Ric has been extremely busy with work. His latest assignment is going to be a huge one - a brand new (and big) fire station here in the City of Mesa. It will be very challenging and he is really looking forward to it. It should last for several months and is yet another really big feather in his cap. He also has a trip planned in June - back to Cali for 4/5 days - back to the yacht that he so enjoyed last October. He assures me that he will NOT have another "accident" that will require any more surgery. I've been praying - A LOT!!!

As usual, you can see - there's never a dull moment in the Duran household. I don't think I would have it any other way!!! Until next time..................

Monday, May 4, 2009

We have a theme.............

We were blessed to have Gabrielle the entire weekend. Lindsay was in California at a huge DECCA Conference/convention with 5 of her students and Thomas had to work. A side note: congratulations Lindsay, of the 2 of her students that were on the competition side of the conference one placed in the top 20 and the other placed in the top 8...............and this was out of 1500 kids competing. Awesome job Lindsay (and congrats to your students as well). She was very happy considering she teaches at a relatively small school in the, what a lot of people of consider, obscure little town of Queen Creek, Arizona. Anyway, Gabrielle was her usual busy, happy little girl. But, as you can see, over the last couple of months a theme has developed. She LOVES being UNDER things..........tables, chairs, end tables, her tent. Who needs toys when you can let her play under something. We had a blast with her and are so thankful that Thomas and Lindsay give us these opportunities to spend time with her.