Friday, September 25, 2009

Gosh it's almost October!!!

Wow, it's almost October. The weather SEEMS to be working its way towards the most beautiful time of year here - the Fall & Winter. Over the Labor Day weekend the entire family got together and we did a photo shoot. Needed to get that picture taken for the Christmas card before Rachel left for New York. Anyway, I just got them back and was so thrilled with how many really good pictures we got, I thought I would share just a sampling of them. You will have to wait to see the actual picture I chose for the Christmas card - which, by the way, is DONE and ready for the mail - go ahead hate me.....I told you I was going to get organized for this Christmas and I must say I am well on the way! As you will see, my niece Katie was here for the long weekend visiting and was able to join us for the photo shoot. Man, these kids are just so photogenic. We were equally thrilled that Ric's mother, Anna, was able to be there. It was a blessing to be able to get pictures of all four generations. There were so many good ones I will post a few each time so as to keep you in suspense - tehehe!!! We were thrilled to have her and I know the kids were equally happy to get pictures with their grandmother and favorite/closest cousin........sometimes I forget she's the cousin and not a sibling!!!

Yesterday was Ric's 57th birthday........I have to confess.........I made it a point to tell Ric that 57 is getting pretty close to 60! I'm not sure how he feels about that but he seems to be OK with the 57 thing. We went to a quiet dinner with one other couple. Wonderfully, Daniel was also able to join us. Thomas and Rachel both called their dad and it made Ric all warm and fuzzy inside that they took the time to call him. Wow, how blessed we are to have such great kids!

Enjoy the pictures......................until next time!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

She's off to the Big Apple

Well, she's made it............Rachel has landed safely in the Big Apple and to her new home in Brooklyn, New York and ready to begin the next phase of her new adventure. Just another check on her "list" of things to do before..............she moves on to the next item (whatever that may be)!!! Congratulations my daughter............we are so proud of you! It's not often you hear of young adults dreaming any more, let alone actually working hard and doing whatever it takes to make those dreams come true. What an inspiration you are to not only other young adults, but to us. Patience, steady plodding and hard work are a rare commodity these days and you are a light to those who are lost! I would, though, be in deep denial if I didn't admit to just how much I miss you already and are counting the days to December 15.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Yup - I'm going to get organized for this Christmas!

Ok all you OCD, anal organizers (I would fall into this category)…… well as though that really NEED organizing but don’t know where to begin………AND everyone in between! Here’s the website for you!!! It’s easy to navigate and follow – could involve a lot of printing though. I think I’m going to try to set it up this weekend and see if it doesn’t inspire me to do the steady plodding route for the holidays and really dig into those few very scary places/closets/drawers, etc in my house that I’ve been broadcasting that I’m going to clean out/get to. I’ve done my own version (not nearly as comprehensive) and I must say that those years have been truly a blessed and enjoyable season…………….

Good luck and hope your Christmas season is merry!!!