Monday, April 20, 2009

Gabrielle's 1st Birthday!

Front door complete with name, mailbox, and pickett fence. it is!!! The "girly fort" I made for Gabrielle's 1st birthday! It goes over a cardtable. It was a big hit with all the kids so I'm thrilled to know that she will get several years of fun out of this. I think Mom and Dad were happy as well - they realized just how easy it will be to set up AND put away and store!

Our day was truly wonderful and blessed. We went to Thomas and Lindsay's house for the party. Our hearts were so filled with joy as we witnessed the love for Thomas, Lindsay and Gabrielle through the many, many family and friends that joined in their celebration! Gabrielle had all her aunts, 3 of her cousins from the McCulla side as well as the grandparents and one great grandmother. And from the Duran side, she had Great Aunt Jenny, Great Uncle David, Aunt Rachel, cousins Christina and, of course, Grandpa Ric and Nani Jane. Thanks so much for coming and celebrating! As you can see from the pictures - fun was had by all and Thomas and Lindsay were so welcoming and threw a great party! It is so much fun (and a true blessing) to see your children healthy and happy. It was also a lot of fun going to the party having done minimal work! Enjoy the pictures..........

Pretty flowers

Notice the two dogs - just like Costco and Macy, their black and chocolate labs

Yes, the 10 apples can be "picked" and placed in the basket below

Peek-a-boo....hello everyone!

Grandpa Ric and Papa McCulla

Grandpa Ric

Papa McCulla

Great Grandma Dora McCulla

Cousin Christina Duran & Aunt Rachel

My 1st birthday
Opening gifts
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you......
I think I want the pink one


Enough of this "dainty" stuff - give me that cake!

That's better - yummo

Ahhhhhhhhh.....there's nothing like a milk chaser!

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