Monday, May 4, 2009

We have a theme.............

We were blessed to have Gabrielle the entire weekend. Lindsay was in California at a huge DECCA Conference/convention with 5 of her students and Thomas had to work. A side note: congratulations Lindsay, of the 2 of her students that were on the competition side of the conference one placed in the top 20 and the other placed in the top 8...............and this was out of 1500 kids competing. Awesome job Lindsay (and congrats to your students as well). She was very happy considering she teaches at a relatively small school in the, what a lot of people of consider, obscure little town of Queen Creek, Arizona. Anyway, Gabrielle was her usual busy, happy little girl. But, as you can see, over the last couple of months a theme has developed. She LOVES being UNDER things..........tables, chairs, end tables, her tent. Who needs toys when you can let her play under something. We had a blast with her and are so thankful that Thomas and Lindsay give us these opportunities to spend time with her.

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