Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter, 2009

We had a most blessed Triduum and Easter. We started with Holy Thursday Mass celebrating the institution of the priesthood, service, and the Eucharist. Of course, Good Friday next with THE most incredible proclamation of the Passion - completely sung by our music ministers with our own Daniel humbling proclaiming the part of Jesus. It absolutely brought tears to the eyes of many. Then Saturday night we participated in the Easter Vigil - one of my most favorite Masses of the year. Although it's much longer than regular Sunday Mass, it overflows with Sacrament, ritual, and tradition. A total emcompassing of what church is. Again, we're just so proud of Daniel and all the liturgy staff and musicians at our parish. I'm not sure the experience that you are enveloped with can be found anywhere else. How blessed we are to have this kind of community right in our own backyard. Sunday morning my family gathered at my sister Bobbi's home for our traditional Easter brunch. Thanks Bobbi for hosting all these many years. It's always wonderful and I know that Mark and you work very hard. It shows and is greatly appreciated. Love ya bunches. We were especially blessed this year. Jenny is doing so well after her breast cancer surgery that she was there and looking absolutely fantastic. Also, we warmly welcome Emily Kempe into our Catholic faith. Emily was received into the church Saturday night at the Newman Center. Thanks Em for reminding us just how important (and alive) our faith is. It's not what we do - it's who we are! Later that afternoon, the Duran Clan traveled to the McCulla home (Gabrielle's other grandparents - Thomas' in-laws) and joined them for Easter dinner - and what a feast it was. It was especially nice because Daniel was finally done with work and was able to join us as well. So, we had all the "little chicks" gathered in the nest. How I have so come to treasure and cherish these moments. Of course, the McCulla family was most gracious, welcomed us warmly, and stuffed us to the gills. It was great being with them again. It had been a very long time, several surgeries (Rachel, Ric, Dusty, etc.) since we'd been able to get together with them. Thanks for being such good in-laws to Thomas and friends to us. We all got home around 7 p.m.ish and promptly fell into bed. A good, very good weekend all around!

Easter basket from Nani Jane & Grandpa Ric

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