Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zoo Lights - 2008

As you can see, I've made my first attempt at adding a "gadget" (a slideshow - see show on right) to my blog. I've done this with pictures from our trip to Zoo Lights last night. Because there were so many, it really was better to put them in a slideshow than force you to scroll and scroll and scroll in order to see them all in a larger format. I also think this method takes up less space. I must say that after more than a couple of hours and a phone call to one of my friends that "talked" me into creating this dang blog in the first place, I've seemed to manage to accomplish my goal! Sorry, the pictures are small but think you still get the overall idea of our very enjoyable time together!!! We had the pleasure of having my niece Katie Barnhart and her husband Matthew and son Jordan with us as well as Lindsay's sister, Kristen and her daughter Kyla. We could not have ordered nicer weather for our outing which is very important when you go to see 2.5 MILLION lights. The Phoenix Zoo Lights is truly a spectacular annual event. I'm hoping to make it a annual tradition for our family!

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  1. ahhh man and Michael was off last night.. If I would have known you were going to go, he could have gotten you discount tickets.