Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Honoring My Family this Veterans Day!

Below are pictures of my family (just the last 3 generations - there are generations before and after) that have served/are serving my country. They have selfishly given themselves so that I can FREELY CHOOSE the way I live, the way I raised my children, that I may choose the job I have, the way I worship and the freedom to speak/write my beliefs. Thank you seems so inadequate......but it is said with much love and deep, deep gratitude! Thank you Ralph, Phil, Charley, David, Robert, Peter, Antonio, and Kevin. I love you all!

(Paternal Grandfather) Ralph F. Lucier - Lt. - Army Infantry - WWI

(Father) Phillip J. Lucier - Lt. - US Navy - WWII

(Mother) Marcella "Charley" Fried Lucier - Pilot - WASP - WWII - recently bestowed the Congresstional Gold Medal

(Mother) Charley in her flight gear

(Brother) David F. Lucier - Army Special Forces (Green Baret) - Mike Force - Vietnam

(Brother)David recently inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame

Not pictured: currently serving: nephew Robert Lucier- USMC; nephew Peter Lucier - USMC; nephew Antonio Harris - USMC; nephew Kevin Lissner to begin serving in January, 2010 - USMC.......thank you for your "yes"!

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